Hybrid Police Vehicles

In 2010 Mayor Daniel Reiman and Police Commissioner and Councilman Skippy Sitarz announced that 4 hybrid vehicles were added to the Carteret Police Department’s fleet.

The 2010 Ford Escapes were outfitted for police patrols, according to Patrol Division Commander Dennis McFadden. All four have been leased from the Middlesex County City Improvement Authority for 3 years, after which time they will be purchased by the borough for $1.

The vehicles are being used in place of conventional 8-cylinder Crown Victorias, and will allow for an expected annual savings of $5,080 in fuel consumption per year, or $20,000 total for all 4 hybrids. This estimate does not include fuel consumed while idling during police stops, which will be virtually negligible for the hybrid cars. The Ford hybrid Escape gasoline engine only turns on after the car exceeds 25MPH. While in idle the car will operate by running off of the battery pack.

The acquisitions are a part of the town’s continuing agenda for implementing green technology within the borough’s facilities and resources, according to Mayor Reiman. In 2007, Carteret applied for and received an $8,000 rebate for the purchase of two construction code enforcement vehicles, both hybrids, through the NJBPU Office of Clean Energy’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Rebate Program. The NJBPU also provided approximately $33,000 towards an energy efficiency audit of municipal facilities, allowing for “green” retrofitting.

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