Carteret Mass Transit - Shuttle Bus

In 2007, Mayor Dan Reiman announced that Carteret had been selected through a competitive grant process to receive a new 30-passenger shuttle bus through the N.J. Transit F.T.A. Section 5310 grant program. The Borough submitted an application to N.J. Transit in 2006.

The “jitney” is valued at approximately $110,000, and was provided with no local match.

It is used for departments that implement public transportation, such as the Office on Aging, the Carteret Specials, and the Department of Recreation. Many of these provide services on a daily basis, which formerly emburdened the Borough’s limited transportation resources.

Carteret offers daily transportation to senior residents who congregate at the town’s community center. The town also uses town buses for its Meals on Wheels program, coordinating with Middlesex County. The Borough’s Office for the Disabled has utilized town buses frequently for its many social and athletic events. More recently, the Department of Recreation has included transportation for some of its summer sports programs, and special events such as Carteret’s popular Independence Day celebration at Waterfront Park. Mayor Reiman has announced that future services will include a commuter shuttle to train to the town’s pending ferry terminal.

Prior to Carteret’s submission to the State, it entered into a contract with the Middlesex Department of Transportation, allowing the county to benefit from use of the jitney when not being utilized by the Borough. Shared services have become an integral part of State funded programs in maximizing the use of public resources, according to the Carteret Grants Department.

A second jitney was awarded to Carteret in 2009, and a smaller vehicle has been applied for.

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