2013 Road Program

The Borough once again paved a significant number of roadways in 2013. This list of roads paved in this year included the following:
  • Bernard Street
  • Cypress Street (Washington Avenue to Carteret Avenue)
  • Dorothy Street (From Oakwood to Roosevelt Avenue)
  • D'Alessio Street
  • Elm Street
  • Fillmore Avenue
  • Hayward Street
  • Grant Avenue
  • Jeanette Avenue
  • Johnson Street
  • Lincoln Avenue
  • Matthew Street
  • New Jersey Avenue
  • Park Avenue (Dalbert Street to George Street)
  • Pine Street
  • Pulaski Street
  • Skitka Street
  • William Street
  • Intersection of Laurel Street and Leber Street
  • Intersection of Milik Street and Bryla Avenue
  • Intersection of Edwin Street and Roosevelt Avenue
  • Intersection of Spruce Street and McKinley Avenue

Please contact the Engineering Department if you have concerns regarding the condition of your street.

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Phone: 732-541-3881